Don’t be Rash when buying Jewelry!

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One of the most irritating side effects of wearing jewelry that is made with Nickel alloy metal is that it can leave your skin with a painful rash that can make you self conscious. Nobody likes having rashes or any skin hives that itches and burns; we know we don’t, so we came up with a list that can help you to avoid these pesky jewelry and only pick beautiful and sexy women jewelry or men jewelry too :). Each way is simple and helps to protect your skin from a potential break out of hives. Of course, we need to know what these rashes are and how jewelry causes these breakouts in the first place.

nickel allergy


The simplified version, rashes are how your body handles you wearing fake jewelry. Anything that is not authentic-nickel is an alloy that is used a lot with cheap jewelry, and most people have an allergy to it and don’t realize it. Continue reading if you like wearing beautiful affordable jewelry that you don’t have to spend a fortune on, but does not want to hives.


  1. Sweat and other body fluids or liquids are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to your skin breaking out when wearing jewelry. It is imperative that you keep your jewelry free of liquid at all times. If you wash your hands, dry them properly before touching your bracelets or other jewelry you may be wearing on your hand. Naturally, when doing activities that cause you to lose more water like exercising or dancing, you should remove your jewelry first. Sweat oxides your jewelry and causes your skin to break out from negative interaction with the jewelry. So keep your jewelry piece DRY.


  1. Cheaper jewelry equals rash, as we’ve mentioned, but what if you’re wearing an authentic piece and your skin is still breaking out in hives? Then, it’s time to ask yourself, “When was the last time you cleaned your jewelry?” Some people are not aware that they should clean their jewelry regularly because it’s something that comes in close contact with your skin. In the same way you clean your clothes, is the way you should clean your jewelry. You can choose to clean your jewelry in one of two ways. The first is to use a special cloth to clean and polish your jewelry or you can bring it to a professional jeweler who will clean it for you within the same day. After your jewelry has been cleaned, you should notice that the rash will no longer be an occurrence to worry over.

clean jewelry cloth

  1. Clear nail polish is a lifesaver when it comes to preventing breakout from your skin’s exposure to low quality metal. Which is the prominent reason behind your breakout.  After frequent wears though, this wears away leaving you with no layer in between the alloy and your epidermis, so your skin flares up because it becomes irritated. Here is where clear nail polish swoops in to save the day. You can apply it to your jewelry and it will act as the barrier between your skin and the metal. Constant wear will cause it to fade overtime though and so you should be prepared to re-apply another coating.


  1. The best way to avoid getting rashes is to avoid wearing jewelry of low quality. Buy high quality jewelry and make sure it is with gold plating jewelry, sterling silver jewelry or high quality metal. Wearing stainless steel is am ore affordable choice that your skin will thank you for.



  1. There are cases when your rash will break out before you had time to prevent it (or read the suggestions on this list). In these instances, there is an over the counter cream that you can apply to the rashes to make them less irritated. No scratching or burning as they offer relief. Just remove the jewelry once you feel the onslaught of an itchy rash coming and apply your cream. In a few days your skin should be good as new.


  1. Chic, hipster appeal, boho; is it any wonder why leather has been a growing attraction for millennials and older among the population. Despite this growing trend, many of the wearers are unaware that leather can also cause you to have jewelry rash. There’s some unexpected news for you, and here’s more. Metal is actually involved in the process of making leather and because of this little known fact to anyone not checking, you may not realize the reason behind that rash. The culprit is the process that may involve, you guessed it, nickel and cheap alloy to make the leather in a hurried way. When buying leather, it is important to be mindful of the process and always ask if you are unsure.


No one likes when their skin is plague by rash especially when the cause is from a favorite jewelry piece that can be fixed by applying solutions like clear nail polish or being aware of what goes into the make up of your jewelry. Buying from reliable jewelry boutique retailers  should be able to enjoy your jewelry without the fear of a break out. Just remember that water and other fluids, (sweat or swimming) is a no-no. Dry is best and for the rash, there is the help of anti-rash cream. Be fabulous in your rashless-ness!